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Technical analysis using Gann theory. Result: Market trend, Market pivot date, Support & Resistance, Square of price & time, Matching price & time and Aspects.

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Archived Analysis | Elabin

What is Elabin?

Many years ago, Mr. William Delbert Gann achieved legendary success and profits through his original trading method known as the Gann Theory. Many people knew him as an expert in geometry, a professor of astrology, a professor of ancient mathematics, or even a fortuneteller.
Gann theory predicts the financial markets based on the study of three behaviors: time, price, and pattern. Gann analysis and transactions were completely based on numerical and geometric relationships, which why it has high complexity and difficulty understanding.

Our professional analysts analyze various financial markets such as forex, oil, gold and cryptocurrencies using of Gann theory rules and formulas, and then provide the results to traders.
In Elabin, we do not provide buy or sell signals, but based on the rules of this theory, we predict the market trend movement in four states: 1. prone to rise, 2. Bullish, 3. prone to fall, 4. Bearish.
Finally, you have to combine the forecasted situation Market movement (Bullish or Bearish) and your personality strategy, get the best entry and exit point and have professional and profitable trades.