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Easy access to detail of analysis on Metatrader

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Easily view the details and the support/resistance lines based on the analysis on the on your chart in Metatrader.

Elabin MTExpert

How to use:
1. Download the relevant expert file from this link and move it to the "Data Folder\MQL4\Experts" folder.
2. In the Metatrader software, select "Options" from the "Tools" menu and add the following link in the "Expert Advisors" tab as shown in the image and activate the related options.
3. Load the expert on your chart and in the "Inputs" tab, set the "_MTExpertCode" value based on the code displayed at the top of this page.

Elabin MTExpert - Open Data Folder

Elabin MTExpert - Select Options Menu

Elabin MTExpert - Set Expert Advisors Property

Elabin MTExpert - Load Expert